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It Starts With a Smile.

Does your child have tooth decay?

At Drummoyne Dental Practice, we believe that prevention is better than cure.  When children develop decay it can be distressing for both the child and the parents.  Tooth decay is a disease 50% of Australian children under 6 suffer from. It can result in pain, the removal of teeth, bad breath and a whole list of other problems.

How to check for decay

screening for childrens decay at drummoyne dental practiceSome clues that their may be decay present in the mouth is if you can see white patches on the teeth that are close to the gum that don’t come off after brushing. This is an early sign that tooth decay may be a problem.  When you see black or brown spots anywhere on the teeth, this is not a good sign and you should seek a dentist's opinion straight away.  A simple check of the teeth at home may still leave some decay undetected, as decay on the back teeth and upper teeth are often very difficult to see without the proper dental expertise, lighting and dental equipment available.

How to stop decay

The key to stopping decay is forming good habits from an early age, and maybe undoing a few bad ones on the way.

Brushing children’s teeth thoroughly twice a day for two minutes is vital to make sure your child isn’t spending all day with harmful bacteria on their teeth and gums.

Diet plays a major role. Foods high in sugar and carbohydrates like chocolates, lollies and fast foods cause decay. But not when it’s eaten in moderation with proper cleaning, it is how frequently we allow kids to eat these foods that are causing problems.

Tooth decay is PREVENTABLE and not inevitable
Preventing decay is NOT difficult
Early decay can be reversed

Our dentists at Drummoyne Dental Practice can advise you and give you specific advice and tips that will work for your family. If you form the good habits at home, the dentists can do the maintenance at your child's regular checkup visits and make sure that their oral health is in tip-top shape.

This means taking your child for their first dental visit by 12 months and a regular check up as recommended after that. Seeing a dentist regularly is one of the best ways to maintain good oral health.