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Tips to soothe your teething baby


tips for teething at drummoyne dental practiceAround the age of 4-7 months you will notice that your baby may be frequently crying, having difficulty sleeping, red cheeks, excessive dribbling and all around fussiness.

Teething is a painful process for a baby...

It is at this age that your child will have started the process of teething. Teething is a painful process for a baby and it is natural as a parent to want to provide an immediate cure to take the pain away. Although there is no immediate cure for the pain during the teething process, at Drummoyne Dental Practice our dentists have recommended a few easy tips to try and soothe your teething baby.

  • Distracting your baby with extra attention and affection can provide short term relief for you and your baby as it allows their mind to focus on something other than the pain.
  • Applying light pressure with something cold can relieve some of the pressure from the gums such as massaging them with a clean finger, a cold spoon or a chilled washcloth. Be sure to only apply a gentle amount of pressure.
  • Chilled (not frozen) Teething rings are sold in a large variety and offer great temporary relief for your baby as they act as a distraction from the pain. Teething rings are able to attach to your babies clothing, however do not tie it around their neck as this becomes a hazard for strangulation.
  • Dummies (pacifiers) are an acceptable method to provide temporary relief, however do not put anything sweet on them such as honey or jam as this could lead to decay. Children who have started eating solids can use sugar-free rusks, peeled cucumber or frozen carrots large enough to not be a choking hazard.

Each child is different so these tips should be used on a trial and error basis in order to get results as sometimes one will work one day and not the next time.

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