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It Starts With a Smile.

Tooth Mousse is available at Drummyone Dental Practice!

Tooth Mousse is useful in improving the dental health of both children and adults.  We have this product available for purchase at Drummoyne Dental Practice.

After flossing and brushing, treat your teeth with Tooth Mousse and help everyone in the family to achieve a healthy smile!  This product provides a concentrated source of bio-available calcium and phosphate for the strengthening and protection of teeth. 

Made from milk... Nature knows best

Tooth Mousse has the added benefit of tasting delicious! It comes in several different flavours, which you can choose from.  Some indications for the use of Tooth Mousse are listed below:

  • Tooth mousse can be used on baby teeth after they have erupted to help mature them and make them more resistant to decay.  It also helps to reverse the initial stages of decay and there is NO fluoride in this product, so if children swallow small amounts of it, it is not a problem.
  • When children’s permanent molar teeth start to erupt, they are often hard to clean and are therefore susceptible to early decay.  The application of tooth mousse can help to decrease the risk of decay while the teeth erupt.
  • During pregnancy, morning sickness can lead to frequent reflux of acid content of the stomach.  Regular use of tooth mousse can help to counteract these acid attacks on teeth and help to sooth sensitivity and protect teeth from decay.
  • Regular application of tooth mousse while wearing braces and other orthodontic appliances can assist in preventing plaque accumulation around the brackets and reducing risk of decay.
  • Tooth sensitivity can be improved through the use of tooth mousse.  Tooth sensitivity may be caused by gingival recession, tooth whitening procedures, gastric reflux and other forms of tooth wear.

Please feel free to ask one of our lovely dentists if you have any further questions or if you think that Tooth Mousse may be of some benefit to you!