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Diet and Nutrition

diet and nutritionThe health of your teeth and gums can be affected by everything you eat and drink. Tooth decay is a diet related disease which occurs when sugars in food and drinks are taken up by bacteria that produces acids that attack the outer layer of the tooth enamel.  To Ensure you diet doesn’t affect your teeth there are a few things to help:


Your teeth can benefit from water. Tap water in particular is good for your teeth as it contains fluoride which is the most beneficial way to prevent tooth decay. Water helps decrease the pH levels and helps to neutralize the effects of acid in your mouth. Water also washes away any food debris which naturally keeps your mouth clean.


Chewing sugar-free gum for 20 minutes and the flavour of the artificial sweeteners in the gum can prompt your mouth to produce ten times the normal rate of saliva flow which helps with preventing tooth decay. It is recommended to do this after eating to rinse off and neutralise the acids released by the bacteria in plaque.

Food and Snacking

It is not just sweet foods and drinks such as lollies and soft drinks that cause decay. Snacking on food such as biscuits, chips and dried fruits can cause acid attacks on the tooth enamel as the foods break down into sugars in the mouth.
Another way to prevent decay is to limit sugary treats and snacking between meals. When snaking your teeth do not get a break from the acids in the foods you’re consuming as there is less saliva being produced. This means there is no salvia to wash away the acid.