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Medicare and Health Fund Cover for the Removal of Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth removal is usually covered, in part, by private health funds.  If you are un-insured and you think you are eligible for coverage under the Child Dental Benefits Scheme (CDBS) through Medicare, then you may be eligible to have your wisdom teeth surgery covered by Medicare.  Medicare can also cover a portion of the cost of general anaesthesia or twilight sedation so that you can sleep during the procedure and have no memory of having your teeth removed. 

wisdom teeth removal medicareWisdom teeth are the last teeth to form in our mouths.  The top portion of the wisdom teeth usually forms by the age of 15 years and the roots are fully formed between the ages of 18-20.  At the end of puberty 15-18 years our faces (and jaws) have more or less finished growing.  If your wisdom teeth have not broken through the gums at this stage then they are likely to never fully erupted and become permanently impacted.  Impacted teeth are generally more likely to cause problems either now or in the future.  Impaction means that the wisdom teeth will not grow or erupt into a position that allows them to be functional and are also impossible to keep clean.  This means that they cannot be cleaned properly and in the future are likely to become infected, abscessed, and painful causing greater problems days, weeks, or years later.   Impaction may be due to soft tissues (gums) or hard tissues (other teeth or bone).  Having your wisdom teeth removed is a small surgical procedure that can be done either while you are awake or asleep. 

For further information about the Child Dental Benefits Scheme (CDBS) under Medicare you can follow the link http://www.humanservices.gov.au/customer/services/medicare/child-dental-benefits-schedule to read more.

The Child Dental Benefits Schedule will be available to children between the ages of 2 and 17 years of age. They must be eligible for Medicare and the family must be in receipt of Tax Benefit Part A or receive one of the following Government payments

•                Youth Allowance

•                ABSTUDY

•                Disability Support Pension

•                Parenting Payment

•                Special Benefit

•                Carer Payment

•                Double Orphan Pension

•                Veteran’s Children Education Scheme, if the child is 16 or over

Military Rehabilitation and Compensation Act Education and Training Scheme, if the child is 16 or over


Prior to scheduling your surgery you will require a consultation appointment with our surgeon.  During this appointment the procedure will be discussed with you in detail, your anaesthesia options can be discussed and planned, and a suitable time will be agreed upon for your procedure. 

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