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It Starts With a Smile.

All soft drinks contain acid which can damage your teeth... read more

drummoyne dental practice fighting against dental erosionMost soft drinks contain a large amount of sugar and all of them contain tooth-eroding acid.

Fizzy, sports and energy drinks contain acid that attacks your tooth enamel, (including the sugar-free and ‘zero’ varieties) and most contain sugar, which causes tooth decay. Every time you take a sip throughout the day, you’ll start a brand new acid attack that will last 20 minutes.

What You Can Do:

- Cut down the number of these drinks you have
- Drink through a straw
- Don’t brush your teeth for an hour after you’ve finished one of these drinks – the acid in them temporarily softens your tooth enamel and brushing too early will harm it
- Don’t drink them before bed
- Swish water around your mouth after each bottle or can of drink