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Amalgam Fillings

Should I have amalgam fillings replaced?

Amalgam fillings, or metal fillings, are fillings composed from a combination of metals that were popular and effective for fillings in the last 150 years. Although they can look silver in colour they include a mix of metals such as silver, mercury, tin, and copper.

Nowadays dentists are able to use tooth coloured materials that can be bonded to restore teeth, therefore amalgams are rarely used. At Drummoyne Dental Practice we no longer use amalgams.

Disadvantages of Amalgam fillings

Amalgams can pose a few problems along their life because they are mechanically attached to teeth they may cause fractures in your teeth, and due to their metallic nature, their colour can leech into adjacent teeth. Your dentist will advise you to replace your fillings if they see fractures, recurring decay, or you are in need of endodontic treatment.

If you seek replacement of quite satisfactory amalgam fillings for other reasons, such as a concern about the effects of mercury, you may create problems that otherwise would not have occurred, such as:

  • Possible damage to or weakening of teeth.
  • Sensitivity or pain after the filling
  • Unnecessary extra costs

Always speak to your dentist at Drummoyne Dental Practice if you have any questions about your fillings as we are always happy to help.