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Charcoal Dentifrices

Charcoal is being used for teeth whitening which comes in the form of powder that is mixed with water to form a paste.

There are many disadvantages to using charcoal dentifrices which include:
- Particles becoming stuck in the periodontal pockets of patients causing black discolouration of the tissue and gum.
- Does not contain fluoride
- Can cause staining of crowns and veneers and composite restorations
- Very abrasive which may result in teeth looking more yellow
- Causes possible health risks such as ingesting the product when using it as it is an absorbent substance.

There is no evidence that shows charcoal products are safe or effective for teeth whitening. Using the product can cause long term effects such as tooth sensitivity, irritation of the gums and damaging tooth enamel.

If you would like to whiten your teeth it is recommended to talk to your dentist about the different options. These may include getting a general scale and clean, in-chair ZOOM whitening treatment or a take home teeth whitening kit that your dentist can provide you with. These options are more effective and give you the results you want.