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It Starts With a Smile.

Childrens Dentist in Drummoyne. Visit the dentist during the school holidays!

Finding the time to take the kids in to visit the dentist for a regular preventive check-up is something that, for many, is quite a difficult task.  However it is essential in maintaining healthy gums and teeth!  Having regular 6 monthly dental checkups for the kids can help in the early detection and treatment of problems such as crowded, missing, and crooked teeth as well as problems associated with diet, dental hygiene, and the jaws.

Many dental diseases can progress painlessly over time until they suddenly become a serious and severe problem.

The earlier that dental problems are detected, the less difficult and expensive the treatment becomes.  The dentist may also recommend a mouthguard for those children who play sport where a tooth can be damaged or knocked out.

With the school holdiays fast approaching, it is an ideal time to arrange for a dental checkup for the kids.  If your child hasn’t seen a dentist before or it has been more than 6 months since their last checkup you can contact us on 91812226 to arrange an appointment.

Prevention is always better than cure and regular dental examinations can catch any problems early and help maintain a healthy mouth. Remember, children who have regular dental check-ups tend to have fewer dental problems.  To read more about Childrens Dentistry at Drummoyne Dental Practice follow this link.