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Missing teeth and loose dentures

As we age or lose some of our teeth; our jaw bones can begin to shrink. 

Bone loss

Do you suffer from loose and uncomfortable dentures? Would you like to regain your confidence and function again? 

We provide many different solutions for patients who are unable to wear dentures comfortably any more. 

If there is enough bone in the upper and lower jaws then we can support a full set of teeth supported by placing 4 or 6 dental implants in each jaw. This is commonly referred to as the all on four or all on six procedure. This can be a good option for some people.  However, what do we do if there isn’t enough bone? 

If you have ever been told that you do not have enough bone to place dental implants there are now an even wider range of ways to replace your missing teeth.  Newer treatments that are now available aim to reduce the amount of surgery required and often don't require bone grafting. One scan of your teeth and jaws allows for planning and only one minimally invasive surgery is usually all that is required. 

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