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Oral Cancer Screening

oral cancer screening at drummoyne dental practice

At Drummoyne Dental Practice, we don't just check for cavities.  Every full exam also includes screening for oral cancer, gum disease and jaw joint disorders.  The term ‘oral cancer’ refers to neoplastic lesions involving the lip, oral and oropharynx. Tobacco and alcohol use are the greatest most common risk factors of oral cancer. Historically, most patients with oral cancer were in older age groups. However, recently there has been an increasing number of people aged less than 40 years who have presented with oral cancer.  The most common site for oral cancer to occur for Australians is the lips, due to high levels of ultraviolet light exposure.

Although oral cancer isn’t the most common cancer to affect the population of Australia, it is still associated with serious outcomes for patients. Survivors of oral cancer often experience significant issues related to the quality of life which is a result of surgery and long-term toxicities associated with treatment such as radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

Accordingly, there is a need to detect oral cancers early if their occurrence cannot be prevented by modification of risk factors.

There is no doubt that early detection of cancer reduces morbidity associated with the disease.

There is currently a lack of evidence to support population based screening programs for oral cancer. However, due to the potentially serious outcomes for patients and impacts on quality of life, visual screening opportunities suggested to be part of general oral examinations for patients visiting health professionals, particularly dental practitioners