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Sterilisation at Drummoyne Dental Practice

At Drummoyne Dental Practice, sterilisation is of paramount importance to everyone at our practice.  Prevention of the spread of bacteria and infection is a high priority for us.  We have a purpose built sterilisation bay through which all of our equipment is meticulously sterilised and prepared.  At Drummoyne Dental Practice, we appreciate the trust that you place in us and we are committed to ensuring your safety.   Any equipment that is to be used in your mouth has been completely sterilised. 

Below is a list of some of the precautions we take to protect you from cross infection:

Autoclave Steam Sterilisation

drummoyne dental autoclaveAll instruments capable of withstanding high temperatures are steam sterilised under pressure in an autoclave.  Any bacteria or viruses which may be present are killed during autoclave procedure.  Our autoclave is checked and tested daily to ensure the efficiency of the sterilisation procedure. The date and cycle number is recorded for each instrument package to be sure that all instruments used in a procedure are free of bacteria.

Ultrasonic Cleaning

Prior to placement in the autoclave, instruments are scrubbed manually and then placed into an ultrasonic bath with a disinfectant cleaning solution.  The ultrasonic cleaner device uses ultrasound to remove any remaining surface debris from the instruments before they are packed and placed into the autoclave.

Packing of Sterile Instruments

Our instruments are “autoclave pouched” to maintain sterility.  All instruments remain wrapped in the pouch until the patient is seated.

Singe-use Items

Many items used in our practice are single-use items and are therefore disposed of after use on each patient.

Disposable Gloves and Masks

The dentists and dental assistants wear gloves and masks to prevent transmission of disease between patient and operator.  Masks and gloves are disposable and are discarded after each use.

Surface Decontamination and Barrier Wraps

All surfaces including (but not limited to) counter tops, dental chair, light handles, safety glasses etc. are wiped down and disinfected after treatment of each patient. Additionally, handles and instruments, which can be wrapped, are wrapped with a protective barrier and changed between each patient.